The sustainable route to intensive gas extraction from landfills

  • Multriwell

    Multriwell is the new and effective solution for landfill gas extraction. This innovative technology enables landfill operators to extract considerably more gas compared to when traditional gas wells are used. The patented system consists of three components: short distance flexible vertical gas wells that are installed in very small grids, horizontal gas collection wells and an optional Trisoplast® or HDPE capping construction. By perforating the waste within very small grids also leachate layers will be perforated and spread more evenly through the waste and causes an enhanced bio-reaction, resulting in faster achievement of landfill inertia and settlement what generates a higher biogas production.

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  • Multriwell stands for:

    • Faster gas extraction at higher volumes
    • High landfill inertia due to intensive waste perforation
    • Flexibility when waste settles
    • Less differential settlement at landfill surface
    • Simple and safe installation
    • Higher profi tability, less maintenance costs

  • The advantages of Multriwell:

    • Optimum gas extraction
    • Sustainable energy
    • Improving landscape

Multriwell Design


Find out more about the typical Multriwell Design.